ICCO Investments

We believe that fair economic development contributes to improving the position and perspectives of people in developing countries. With our investments we aim for social and financial return optimization with the goal to fight poverty and social injustice.

ICCO Investments is the impact fund manager of the ICCO Cooperative. After over 50 years of development aid, we learned that we can contribute to fair economic devlopment in emerging economies through our investment programs. We know that grants are not always the right financing instrument to support sustainable economic growth. With our impact investment activities, we provide conditional capital (loans, equity, guarantees) to small growing businesses to contribute to fair economic development in the countries where we work.

We partner with businesses that have a strong business model, are developed to be financially sustaniable and have strong leadership with a clear agenda for social and environmental impact. We believe in businesses where social and financial sustainability are no trade-offs but balanced in the business case to optimize for returns both in impact as in financial performance.

Through our financial investment instruments we want to support these businesses to grow, mature and eventually include them in the existing financial systems where they are no longer dependent on social investors.

Besides investments we support our investee companies by putting to use the extensive infrastructure present in our organization. We open up our local and international networks and share the experience which we have accumulated over the years. Our investment managers are motivated sparring partners for the management of portfolio companies.

The Cooperative works globally through two strategic focus areas: 'Securing Sustainable Livelihood' and 'Empowering Justice for All'.