We invest in social businesses that have a clear positive social and/or environmental impact combined with a feasible commercial strategy to develop towards financial stability and independency.

Our criteria are:

    •  A financially viable and social business model, well adapted to the context that has a clear and measurable social and/or environmental impact
    • Investment requirement from ICCO Investments between 200K€ - 800K€ (above 800K€ only with co-investors)
    • Business activity falls within the sector focus of ICCO Investments
    • Business activity takes place in one of the countries where ICCO Investments is present
    • Well-structured business plan and a detailed financial model available
    • Clear and transparent ownership structure and a strong management team in place
    • Financial alignment/commitment of the entrepreneur
    • In case of a western entrepreneur in the lead, a strong partnership with experienced local entrepreneur is required
    • Product/service is either new technology in existing marktets or existing technology in new markets
    • The country where the business is located allows for foreign investments.

ICCO Investments provides risk capital for companies that operate in the following sectors:

  • Agribusiness (production, processing, trade)
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Education

We want to be close to companies we invest in and be able to have regular direct interaction between our investment managers and our investee entrepreneurs. We heave Regional Investment Managers that work from the Regional Offices of the ICCO Cooperative. From there we build our investment portfolio in the surrounding countries. 

We invest in South America, East Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia.