Capital for Development

Capital for Development


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We believe that fair economic development contributes to improving the position and perspectives of people in developing countries. With our investments we aim for social and financial return optimization


<a href="/Investment-structuring">How</a>
We finance high impact SGB's that are not able to attract capital for their business at affordable conditions, mostly because of their risk profile. ICCO Investments can make a difference and provide risk capital


<a href="/Investment-Criteria">What</a>
We invest in social businesses that have a clear positive social and/or environmental impact combined with a feasible commercial strategy to develop towards financial stability and independency.


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A solid partner

ICCO Investments is an initiative of ICCO Cooperation. ICCO is a cooperative for development cooperation. Members are Edukans, Kerk in Actie and coPrisma. ICCO works in 44 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


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Every investment we make has the goal to create social impact. 

In the cases below you can learn more about our investees and the impact they are having in their country or worldwide.

FSOI: Accelerating sustainability and fair trade in organic agriculture

Fresh Start Organics Inc (FSOI) set up in Bacold City, Island of Negros - Philippines, is a privately owned company engaged in organic produ…

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Durabilis: Innovations to uplift Ethiopian economy

The impact that ICCO Investments and Durabilis anticipate would contribute significantly in achieving reduction of carbon footprints and cre…

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SME: Adding more to the soil in Ethiopia

Soil and More Ethiopia (SME) has initiated an intervention to help farmers with the right compost. Besides promoting environmental protectio…

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